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10 Bachelor’s saving tips

Saving money can help you become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of an emergency. Saving Money is a bit difficult task for a bachelor, as bachelors may have less earnings and more desires… While fulfilling all their desires they end up having zero saving balance.

So here are some Saving Tips for Bachelors,

1. Set a Target

First step is to set a target Money for a Month, For Example: Set a Target of 5000 Rs. a Month and try not to spend more than Rs. 5000 and also try to save from your target. If Your Monthly expenditure is Rs. 4700 then Rs. 300 will be consider as your saving.

2.Buy a Piggy Bank For Yourself

Save your loose change in your Piggy Bank, this saving tip will surely help you in an emergency. Do Remember Even One Rupee Coin has its own value. So go get a Piggy Bank for yourself and start saving loose change.

3.Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.

Whenever you go on a grocery shopping or any shopping, create one shopping list as per your needs and Purchase according to list only, don’t buy any extra unnecessary stuff that you don’t actually need.

4.Avoid Spending too much money on Junk food

Start carrying Tiffin with yourself, so that whenever you feel like hungry you can have homemade healthy food instead of spending money on un-healthy Junk Food.

5.Using Public Transportation is OKAY

Use Public Transportation at least 3-4 times a week. It’s far cheaper and you won’t have to worry about Petrol expenses and any other Car Expenses.

6.Keep a Dairy With Yourself & Note down Your Daily Expenditure 

Keep one small dairy with yourself & whatever you buy or wherever you spend your money just write it down with Name of expenditure & the amount of expenditure. So at the end of the day this will help you recognize your unnecessary daily spending.

7. Cut Down on Your Vacation Spending

Instead of Planning a long Vacation & spending too much on Luxury hotels, Plan a Small Cheap Adventure trip, try Camping. You can contact Tours & Travels, where you can find best vacation places at highly affordable prices.

8.Set a Goal for Saving 

Best way to save money is to set a goal for saving, it can be anything for your further education, wedding, retirement or anything. This will help you stay Focus on your saving path.

9.Save Electricity 

I know you all have heard about this saving tip before, but trust me this is indeed one of the best way to save money. Turn off lights any time you leave your house or even when you leave the room. Save Electricity as much as you can.

10.Develop a Smart Saving Habit 

Making Saving a Habit / Priority will help you create a good amount of fund for your emergency and for your better future.

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