Don’t Plan Your Future, because destiny believes in giving surprises.

After 5 years my life would be just like the way I have planned, I will have everything in the future, I will have a big house, my dream car, big bank balance, I will surely marry the love of my life, I will have two cute kids, life would be so easy in the next five years. Everything is well planned right?

That’s where you are doing mistake. Never plan your future I repeat never! Because planning your future is in your hand, but what will actually happen is always a mystery or a surprise.

If you want to plan anything na, plan your ‘TODAY’. Plan Your ‘PRESENT’. A well planned present will help you build your future. If you are thinking that your future is safe, then my friend you really need to know that nobody’s future is safe. In the process of making your future better, you are ruining your present.

Most of us all have already plan our future and most of us are already living that future luxurious life that we have planned. Most of us all have already bought our future desire car in our dreams. Most of us have already married to our Girlfriend / boyfriend.

Future looks so beautiful right?

But then, comes the destiny to put obstacles in your path and to test you to see if you are that eligible to get all that you have planned, to see that if you are that mature to handle your happiness, to see if you are that capable of maintaining your wealth and health well, to see what if you don’t get any of the thing you have planned?

Destiny is something you can’t run from. Many say that you can’t change what destiny has already planned and they leave everything on destiny and they stop trying to change their circumstances, and accept the destiny with a happy heart.

But is it Right? Your Destiny is in your hand. You write your own destiny and no one else. If you stop trying, stop working then how will your destiny change? How will you get there where you want to reach?

Leaving Everything on Destiny is completely wrong. Destiny will not do anything for you until you do for yourself. If you really want to live the life the way you have planned, then you have to work that hard to make your dream your reality.

Do you know how destiny gives surprises?

Just compare your Today with your Tomorrow, and see the difference. You will come to know that destiny has given you so many surprises.

That course you have joined with the confidence of clearing it in first attempt, have you cleared yet? To get that dream job, have you cleared the interview easily? To get that dream car, do you have enough money? You are in a relationship with the love of your life, your soul-mate from last 4 years, you have planned everything, your marriage, your kids, your future everything, but what if you guys broke-up, And they will not be a part of your life anymore? Today, you are with them but tomorrow you will not. It may hurt like hell, but you will surely thank your destiny later. Because what God has planned for you is way better and bigger. That’s the destiny.

Don’t plan anything, just do your KARMA well every day. Live in Present. Don’t run behind future, Just stop and Live the moment. Because what you have planned and what destiny has planned for you is totally different. 

Here I would like to share my story with you guys, how destiny has surprised me and how I started my life again From ‘A’.

There was a time, I was way too positive about life. I had a charm in me, making people around me happy just by my presence. Even everyone loves being with me. I was full of life. I was so happy, making everyone around me happy. I had so many amazing friends, I can die for. I was a brilliant student on which every teacher was proud of. I had a boyfriend who was ready to do anything for me. The love he had for me was unconditional. But destiny’s plan was totally different.

Today, the harsh reality is none of them is with me. In the process of prioritizing their happiness first, I lost my own. My friends were my life, but I was not even having a single place in their life. Slowly slowly, I lost all of them, all of them. My Boyfriend was my world, my everything. When my friends left me, he promised me that he will never leave me, but he left. Once he told me, that I have a very big and innocent heart, that’s why I easily trust everyone. I never ever imagined that the person, who told me not to trust anyone, will become a person I don’t trust anyone now. The moment he left , I was over. I was broke. I planned everything for my future with them. That’s where I got wrong. I was totally living in my future life with them and I completely forget that what if they left?

Destiny has so much to offer. You just need to recognize the opportunity. If you will live in your future self all time, then it will be very difficult for you to swallow the harsh reality.

Once again I gathered all the courage to stand on my feet again, and again I started my life from ‘A’. They broke me but not my courage.

What I want to tell you guys is, when everything is going well don’t ever think that this will stay forever.  Nothing stays forever, I repeat, nothing!  It all depends on destiny. Actually I have noticed, apart from surprises destiny sometimes gives shock too. But at the end after analyzing your every day’s KARMA, Destiny will decide that what you deserve a big surprise or a shock.

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