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Why google removed 90 million videos from YouTube.

YouTube’s Clean-up campaign … removed 90 million videos

26.5 crores per month is India’s largest viewer in India with the number of active users, Google’s video-sharing platform ‘YouTube’ is working to remove dangerous or malicious video from your platform, Over the last three months, more than 90 lakh videos have been removed from YouTube. Sunder Pichai, CEO of the company, informed this on Monday.

This part of the efforts to prevent the spread of harmful video for the community. Replying to a CNN question, Pichai explained this matter.About 85 percent of YouTube users watch videos on mobile in India.The number was 73 percent in the last year.
According to figures for January 2019, the number of monthly active users of YouTube has increased to 26.5 crores. Last year, the number was 22.5 crores. It’s been 11 years since YouTube entered India.
Our largest audience of 26.5 million monthly active users is in India, This was said by YouTube’s global chief executive Suzanne Wojciechi.
She were talking to YouTube’s annual program ‘Broadcast India’. India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.
According to Wojcicki, the number of YouTube watchers increased rapidly on mobile phones last year. There are also 1200 Indian YouTube Channels, which have a subscriber base of more than 10 lakhs. That number was only two years back, five years ago.

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